According to the Cambridge Business English Dictionary, “Social media refers to the form of media that allows people to communicate and share information using the internet or mobile phones.” But is this definition relevant anymore? Has it really become limited to communicating and exchanging information in the present era? I would say of course not because the definition of social media given by the Cambridge dictionary then and the definition given by us now is completely different. Modern people can hardly imagine their lives without social networking. Social media has a multifaceted impact on modern society because it affects all spheres of life including business, cultures, politics, education, and economics. In short, it has influenced all the sectors. Even essential commodities like dairy products or veggies are delivered at your doorstep. Moreover, it has become a perfect tool to seek customers all over the world in just a few seconds and advertise your goods online.

Of course, technological innovations have benefitted us in many ways. Most phones became internet-enabled just to allow users to access Facebook. People today can connect with those living at far off places and interact with them with unprecedented convenience. Social media has transformed people’s lifestyle and has introduced a new pattern of social interaction. Just several years ago, people did not even suspect the possibilities that such popular social networks as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can provide in terms of communication.

A person by creating their profile on Facebook can share their photos, videos, check INS, and can send messages to their friends, family, and colleagues. Apart from that Facebook allows you to create groups, have applications, and have additional friends to chat with or share important information, to play games, etc.

Twitter is another social media platform that has gained popularity in the last decade. One can have a free twitter account by creating their profile and start tweeting with friends on this site. Just like Facebook, one can only share a message on twitter with another individual if he/she has a twitter account.

YouTube is a little different form of social media from Twitter and Facebook. Here one can share audiovisuals with his/her Gmail account. But unlike other social media platforms where one has to have an account for accessing information or anything, YouTube gives you the power to access all the information and audiovisuals without having an account.

Is social media good or bad?

Is social media good or bad?

In my opinion, social media is no good or bad. People are good or bad. Because if you share important and relevant information then it will be good for you, for other people and will also make an impact. But if you share corruptive information then you along with other people will suffer. Does society exist? No, Society does not exist; we exist. We make society. Just like that social media does not exist. We exist; we make the social media run. The term social media is somewhat sarcastic because you are not actually being social. All your communications are taking place behind a computer screen. Being ‘social’ requires face-to-face communication.

At the end of the day, we all use social media as per our needs and requirement. And in, either way, social media is powerful!


Availability of news and information

Before the social media era, people were used to communicating on messengers like yahoo, AOL, etc. In which only one-to-one communication was possible. But social media has made it possible to communicate one-to-many instantly. Now we don’t have to find news on news sites, the news finds us on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter.

Marketing channel for business

Globally, there are more than 3.8 billion social media users available to discover your information about your business and services. Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Are the best for marketing in today’s world.

Networking without border 

One of the primary goals of any social networking site is networking. The most important and noteworthy advantage of social media is that it enables everyone to connect no matter which country they belong to.

Interchanging ideas

On a social networking site like Facebook, people create a group and start sharing ideas and information for a specific purpose. Social media is very helpful to collect feedback and comments on the various ideas.


Of course, social networks do have a positive and beneficial side but there is always but to every positive story.

Mental illness

Young people do have weak mental health due to constant comparison, personality development. They do not know when it is enough when to have a pause. Studies show that the use of excessive social media can cause anxiety, depression, poorer sleep, lower self-esteem in youth and adolescents. 


Another most obvious danger for youth today is cyberbullying. Everyone has the right to express their views on social media, but some people spread hatred and aggression. Aggressive people use social media to improve their status in schools, colleges, and other institutions. Kids are competing to have more likes, and positive feedbacks to have a good reputation on Facebook, Instagram. 

Public figures are commonly targeted victims of cyberbullying.

Relationship with family

Being on social media constantly can affect your relationship with your family. Lack or broken communication is a serious challenge that modern families are facing nowadays. While socializing with a person who’s behind the screen can have a serious breakdown with your friends and family who’s right there for you in real life. And this is something we are seeing every day. While seeking material things, online friends, we forget about our families and start drifting away from them. It is never too late to start supporting your friends and family, be with them, pay attention to them, spend time with them and look after something valuable in life.

Misleading Information

Misleading or corruptive information goes viral on social media in no time. More than 80% of the information on Facebook is shared without reading the complete article or content. Due to which many spammers misuse the social media platform for faking the information.

Frauds and scams

This is another challenge for social media companies. There are billions of fake accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Hidden URLs, phishing requests, hidden charges, cash grabs, and chain letters are the most common example of social media scams.


People share photos, videos, thoughts, personal experiences, etc. On social media, without knowing the security measure they need to take while using social media platforms. Such information is enough for hackers to hack your social media accounts, emails, or even your phone.


It is always important for an individual to know the consequences of the thing he/she uses. Excessive use of anything is dangerous and the same applies to social media. An individual should create a balance between their physical activities, friends and family, social media, academic performances, etc. Therefore, we must strive for a life that has the right balance.