Online shopping refers to the process of buying products or goods from a virtual merchant over the internet. Consumers can buy the product of their interests simply by visiting the website of a retailer or by searching among alternative vendors using a shopping search engine, which showcases the same products but at different prices.

Online buying and selling have become a significant part of many people’s lives. Online stores allow people to shop from their comfort zones without any pressure from a salesperson. Online retailers provide more convenience in terms of exchanging all goods and services. Not only in terms of buying but in terms of payment also a customer can do it with the help of credit card, debit card, or any online payment method to complete the transaction. 

Both businesses and customers have found online sales as a cheaper and more convenient way to shop, but just like anything associated with the internet, there are benefits and anger associated with it too.

Best Online Shopping Sites


This global online shopping site is hard to beat when you are looking for a diverse array of products. Amazon conveys secure and convenient shopping, options to suit any budget, and speedy shipping services – especially for prime members.

It is a competition for all the regional online shopping portals including in a giant country like India. Amazon offers attractive discounts on festivals, free deliveries, and cashback offers.


Flipkart is an Indian shopping website that is slowly gaining standing across the globe. It is extremely popular amongst the Asian masses. If you are looking for fabulous and varied online shopping source then Flipkart is the answer. It offers everything you might need including homewares, electronics, fashion, and beyond.

A customer can grab great discounts every day. By creating an account you can save your favorite products to your wish list. Today in the e-commerce market Flipkart is considered to be only giant next to Amazon.


Snapdeal is a multi-seller shopping site where you’ll find all the products demanded by day-to-day life in the modern, tech-savvy world. Snapdeal sets an example as one of the ideal shopping portals as it includes A-Z of the products.

Snapdeal offers fabulous sale events every day. It offers the facility of gift cards. The best part of this app is you can sell your products also!


If you are hunting for cheapest online shopping portals, eBay is the first online shopping site to check upon. It is a website where any random person is free to sell off their goods and at the same time, newcomers are welcome to sell brand new products as well.

eBay is the largest online auction site with average monthly traffic of 817.6 million. It generates extra income by selling items in a wide variety of categories.


Myntra is a source of all the latest wardrobe wants for men, women, or kids. It carries more than 400 top fashion brands including Adidas, Vero Moda, and Reebok and beyond. It offers attractive fashion sales, free deliveries, and other mind-blowing offers. 

Myntra is a one-stop destination for fashion lovers. What makes Myntra unique is that it offers easy cancellation and return policies.

Advantages of online shopping

There are a lot of gains from buying and selling online which includes:

  • Convenience: At the corner of your convenience or comfort zone you can shop online.
  • Diversity: Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, internet sellers provide thousands of diversified products.
  • Economical: Shopping online saves your cost of driving to the stores, parking fees. It will also save you time by standing in long lines, especially around the holidays when stores are super busy.
  • No pressure: in virtual stores, no salesperson is hovering around and there is no pressure for purchasing also. 
  • Easy Comparison: Shopping online removes the need to wander from store to another for comparing price.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

There are also disadvantages of buying and selling online which include:

  • Fraud: If the vendor is fraudulent, he or she might accept your payment and either refuse to send you your product or send you defective or wrong item. Trying to rectify an incorrect order with an online vendor can be another hassle.
  • Risk of identity threat: While paying for your goods online, it can be very easy for someone to steal sensitive information, such as credit card number, phone numbers, and address. 
  • Increased shipping costs: Virtual stores advertising free products can sometimes increase the cost of shipping so they can profit from the purchase. 

Safeguard yourself while online shopping:

  • Be Careful: Vendors do not have the right to ask certain private information. If any website is asking for your social security number then probably it’s a scam. You will need to Research Company’s information or exit the site as quickly as possible.
  • Research: If you are looking for a product using the search engine and you encounter a website you have not heard about, make sure you check the bottom of the page for an SSL logo. SSL is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link connecting a web browser and server. 
  • Invest in technology: It is important to install anti-virus and anti-phishing programs on your computer. An anti-virus program will safeguard your computer from viruses and an anti-phishing program will protect you via cybersecurity that is designed to look like authorized sites but collect your personal information for fraudulent activities.

Bottom Line

Trading online can be very convenient and rewarding, but you always have to protect yourself. If you don’t feel 100% secure for a particular site you should leave it and find something else. Make sure that your computer is protected from before you begin any transaction which demands sensitive information. There are many scams on the internet which cost you money and can negatively affect your credit score, so be proactive in your research to get the most out of online shopping.

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