Music has always been an intrinsic part of every Indian’s daily lifestyle, but the ways of its utilization have been different based on the expansion of technology with each passing year. The present-day technology is driven by the power of the internet with various music collections available at fingertips right from early Bollywood to current rap & remixes. Many existing/New companies have entered the music sector in India after seeing the desire for content consumption and the ability to generate revenue. 

Here in this blog, we have listed out the best music streaming apps in India which you should subscribe. 


Any conversation on music streaming apps cannot be out to rest without mentioning Spotify. It is a Sweden headquartered company which debuted in India in the early 2019 and within a week touched 1 million users. The app is user friendly and is built in such a way that its music suggestions are best curated based on the interest of users.

The business model of the app is freemium, i.e. mix of free subscriptions and paid plans. The trial period of 3 months is included and paid subscription plans start from Rs. 119/month onwards. Premium plans include ad-free music experience, multi-device access features, offline playback, etc. Podcasts are also available on Spotify.


Started in 2007, JioSaavn was previously known as Saavn; this music streaming app is now merged with Jio music and renamed as JioSaavn. The name relates to music as it means the rainy season in Hindi. It has over 45 million song collections in English, Hindi, and other languages.

Jio users can also use the app to set their Jio caller tunes from the boundless music library of the 70s, 90s, and current music. Users can choose freemium and premium plans start from Rs. 99/month onwards. The free trial periods are for 90 days and premium plans include ad-free music as well as offline listening. Radio streaming and podcasts are also included.


With 100+ million monthly users, is the leading music streaming app launched in 2010 India. 

It was founded by Times internet and has a song collection of 45 million in 21 languages. allows its users to create their public music playlist which can also be used by other users.

The business model includes freemium and Gaana plus plans starting at Rs. 99/month. Paid subscription plans include ad-free streaming experience, HD streaming, offline download of unlimited songs. Radio streaming & Podcasts are also available.

YouTube Music

The biggest threat to other music streaming apps in India is YouTube music. The paid plan of YouTube music includes skipping & scrubbing, ad-free streaming, offline & background playback & 256 Kbits/sec starting at Rs. 99/month only. Its biggest advantage is the option of having video and music only playback in the same app. Mainstream artists uploaded videos are available as music on the YouTube music streaming app.

In India, it was launched in 2019. The algorithm is beautifully created to give the best recommendations to its users based on their music preferences.

Wynk Music

Wynk music is owned by airtel, and it is amongst the first app in the industry which offers free download feature but only to Airtel users. Wynk offers a wide collection of music in all major Indian languages. Along with a 1-month free trial and ad-free streaming, its paid subscription plan starting from Rs. 60/month.

Apple Music

This music & video streaming app is owned by Apple Inc. And is available over 100 countries. It started as a music streaming service and later on expanded into video streaming service also.

The objective of Apple Inc is to make this app as a one-stop cultural platform or one-stop for pop culture soon. It has over 50 million songs and the service can also be streamed in apple car play.

Apple music’s subscription starts from Rs. 49/month with a 3 month free trial period. Apple Inc has made it available for Android, iTunes, and iOS services.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon prime music starts at Rs. 129/month onwards and is one of the features that prime members can enjoy, along with Amazon Prime Video & prime delivery service for its e-commerce arm. Amazon Prime Music started its service as Amazon MP3 in September 2007.

This music streaming app is only available to premium users with premium plans and has an ad-free streaming option. Alexa, an Amazon-owned voice assistant is an integrated part of the app for better search results and user experience. 

Hungama Music

Hungama.Com; South Asia’s largest digital media entertainment company is the owner of the Hungama music app. It has A-Z of music like from old Hindi classics to international jams and all the major Indian languages at one place. Hungama music is available across 47+ countries with 20 million + users.

It has a unique loyalty feature that rewards users for every action taken in the app. Its business model is available at Rs. 99/month onwards for an ad-free streaming experience and unlimited downloads.


There, you have it, a nifty synopsis of the apps that can let you go about without overlooking your music – a broad collection of apps to help you choose from. keep streaming!