The grocery business is changing and it’s changing fast, you can call it revolution which began in earnest in 2017, and it’s far from over. The grocery store evolved in the late 1800s and quickly revolutionized the way we get our food. 

Convenience, consistency, variety, and low prices all in one location gave birth to the modern food system. A & P, founded in 1859, became the largest grocery retailer in 1915 and for 60 years retained the title. Grocers evolved into ‘supermarkets‘ with the opening of the first king Kullen in Queens, NY in 1930. The Ohio based current king of supermarkets, Kroger with the revenue of $121.16 billion in the fiscal year 2019 and United States largest supermarket was founded in 1883. Founded in 1962, Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue of $523.964 billion in FY 2020.

As we become entrenched in the online era, it comes as no surprise that online grocery shopping is on the up. Groceries are the most essential thing. They sell irrespective of the state of the economy. You can stop going to the cinemas and restaurants, but there’s no way you can go without soap, toothpaste, and vegetables. Caught in the long working hours, the city’s fast pace, and tedious commuting, many consumers don’t have enough time to buy groceries.

Buyers are now quite comfortable ordering online apparel, shoes, and electronics. With the ease of online payment, selling groceries online has also become expedient. If you have a computer, stable internet connection, and a credit card then you are just a few clicks away from ordering your listed grocery items. The spending on groceries and daily essentials is the largest and most consistent share of wallet for any household.

Online share of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market is expected to grow more than double worldwide by 2025.

Reasons Why Online Grocery Is Gearing Up

Unnecessary spending is reduced

Grocery coupons at Amazon, eGift cards at the big basket, ‘Buy 1 Get 1‘ at FBB, membership cards on all of them, special off on festivals, offers on Paytm, etc are the offers we as a consumer vouch for online grocery shopping.

These offers are mostly available with online retailers. It helps you save those additional bucks you spend to commute to reach the physical marketplace. Online retailers offer such incentives that it mostly saves shoppers money or such timely discounts when shoppers commit to regular, multiple orders of product.

Wide Range of Products

Online grocery portals usually have a variety of products and substitute products that are readily available. Amazon, Grofers, Flipkart, etc are the most trusted brands and have a wide range of products with substitute availability.

In case, a grocery product is not available in your respective area, you can easily order online.

Brand Presence

Over a period of time, online grocery portals have created a brand presence in the niche market. What has worked in their favor is active awareness about products and advertising tactics.

Secure payment modes are equally responsible to persuade consumers to buy online. QA & QC verified products, discounts, and user-friendly applications that have attracted a wider audience over some time.

Substantial Amount of Time is saved

This is by far the main advantage of buying groceries online. You can sign up at your convenient time and can save the time of traveling to and from the store. If you are saving trips to the store, then you are also saving on petrol and money.

Increased daily chores and stuck in long working hours have made us do online shopping.

Top Online Grocery Stores in India


BigBasket is India’s leading supermarket with fresh vegetables, fruits, personal care products, household items, bread, grocery, and beverages. At BigBasket you will get quality products, be it daily spices, rice, gourmet products, or any other items related to your grocery needs.

If savings on your grocery at the top of your mind, then BigBasket gives you attractive discount offers, cashback, and additional incentives. Other than quality and discounts, they also ensure timely, express, or same-day delivery and signature packing.

The store delivers products in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, etc. Now, you can give BigBasket Gift cards to your friends and family to save big on groceries and everyday items.


Grofers is the most popular and best online grocery shopping market place. It is an on-demand store that delivers veggies, fruits, other grocery items, baked goodies, flowers, baby care products, and almost everything that is required by consumers.

Their uniqueness lies within the fact that they connect with their consumers with all the local stores, selling grocery items. You have the freedom to shop from your favorite stores in your area, choose and schedule delivery slots and you can also track the order. They deliver in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Indore, Chennai, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and many more.

Nature’s Basket

Nothing can bring people together like good food. That’s why Godrej nature’s basket ensures that they bring superior quality products like vegetables, fruits, bakery, eggs, meats, ready-to-eat- food, as well as a wide range of international cuisines.

You may also like to buy nature’s basket cooking aids and books available in the form of accessories and books. They are known as one of the best online shopping grocery stores in India because of their imported grocery, fruits, and more. Nature’s basket is currently operating in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune with deliveries to all cities across India including Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Surat, and more.

Reliance Fresh

Reliance indulged in the online grocery market, as it’s brick and mortar stores have already been a huge hit with consumers. Its online store offers 6000+ products pan India. With reliance fresh direct, you would not be required to out for grocery shopping and sweating in the sun.

You can make your choice from the freshest veggies, fruits, grocery staples, nutritive dairy, packaged food, personal care, drinks, snacks, and other household items.

Amazon Pantry

World’s largest e-commerce giant started its online grocery shopping in India as Amazon pantry. With millions of customers shopping online, Amazon pantry has reached out to its customers in a short span of time. The major advantage of the platform is they serve products pan India.

You can shop your monthly groceries like cooking essentials, beverages, household essentials, and other daily essentials. You can get attractive discounts and cash backs on certain purchases.

Winding Up

Multitasking is the new way of coping up with the fast lives that we are dealing with nowadays. And in this fast pace of life, it’s a blessing to be able to purchase groceries online at the cheapest prices from the comfort of your couch! There are two sides to every coin and online shopping has it too! It may have certain limitations but we cannot deny the fact that it has also given comfort and ease.