E-commerce has flourished in all the segments, different companies and entrepreneurs are now grasping the e-market, and providing medicines online is also one of them. An internet pharmacy or online pharmacy is an internet-based vendor that sells medicines and includes both legitimate and illegitimate pharmacies. Internet pharmacy has several other names like cyber pharmacy, e pharmacy, and virtual pharmacy/drugstore. In other words, internet pharmacy is a pharmacy that operates over the internet.

E pharmacy has opened a new way through providing medical advice to the people. The main purpose of the internet pharmacy is to provide medical help to people without leaving their houses and traveling to local chemists. If you have a computer, a good internet connection, and a credit card, then you are a few clicks away from enjoying the benefits of online pharmacy. These web-based pharmacies have online chemist who aids patients to get the proper medicines.

In a short period, internet pharmacy has rapidly strengthened its roots. Apart from selling drugs internet pharmacies provide free pieces of advice to patients. In internet pharmacies, most of the time medicines are sold with doctor’s prescription, whereas others do not require a pre-written prescription. If a customer does not have a prescription, he/she is required to fill in a questionnaire. Chemists are generally specialized in drugs and general surgeries but getting prescriptions from them are over the counter prescriptions. It means that prescribing medicines without a doctor’s advice is very dangerous and sometimes can cause a tragedy also. Though internet pharmacists are skilled professionals sometimes it is very difficult to judge real from fake ones.

The concept of online pharmacies and online sale of medicines have been in vogue worldwide for more than two decades. is the first-ever online pharmacy in India. After that many online pharmacies came into limelight but most of them are not registered. There are no laws specifically targeting online pharmacies in India, but there are laws which govern online pharmacies indirectly. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act (1940) and the Drugs and Cosmetic Rules (1945) contain certain guidelines for selling schedule H and schedule X drugs, which can only be obtained through prescriptions.

However, in 2015, IIPA (Indian Internet Pharmacy Association) was formed by initial start-up E-companies like 1 mg, Bookmeds, Netmeds, Medlife, Pharmeasy, Medstar, Medidart, Mchemist, Zigy, Save on medicals and Save my meds. Currently, Mr Prashant Tandon (1 MG Founder) is the president of IIPA. These e-pharmacy companies assured to an ethical set of rules and regulations with strict adherence to the existing legal framework of the nation. Indian government equally supported this move as it is promoting digital India seeing E-pharmacy as a strong part of it.

Benefits of ePharmacy 

For Customers:

  • You can get your medicines while sitting at your home.
  • You can get reminders about your medicines timely.
  • It gives you great offers and discounts and other benefits like faster delivery and free shipping.
  • You can access a vast range of information on products and medicines.

For Pharmacies:

  • Pharmacies can have an online presence and an increase in customer base. 
  • They can provide a superior level of customer service.
  • Offer different schemes and marketing campaigns for customers.
  • They can attract new customers and reach geographical locations.
  • Stores can manage their inventory digitally and get helpful reminders on expiry dates. 

Top Online Medicine Ordering Apps


Practo is a trusted domain name for doctor appointments and reviews. The company launched its online medicine app across 100 cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow, and Gurgaon. 

By using this app you can order over 40,000 medicines. Practo has tied up with local chemists and druggists which help them to deliver prescribed medicines on time at your door step. It has 2 lakh health care experts and has a record of dealing with 50 million appointments a year. 

This app lets you upload the prescription using the phone camera and then it can auto-refill the medicines conveniently. 


1mg lets you buy medicines online and also gives information about your prescribed drugs. You can also know side effects, dosages, and other details about your medicines with the help of this app. 

The company has set up partnerships with local pharmacies that take care of fulfilling customer needs. You can order medicines in the cities such as Bengaluru, Lucknow, Delhi, Chennai, Agra, etc with the help of this medicine app. 

The best part of this app is that you can enter the name of the medicine and you can get a cheaper alternative with the same compound. It also offers health tips from eminent doctors based on your medicines. 


With over 100 years of experience in dispensing quality medicines, NetMeds is brought to you by the Dadha and company, one of India’s trusted pharmacies. NetMeds lets you buy and send medicines from any corner of the country – with just a few clicks away. 

With easy access to reliable drug information, you get to know all about your medicines at Even second and third-tier cities and rural villages can now have access to the latest medicines. 

At, you can also have a wide range of OTC products including wellness products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products apart from medicines. 


Bookmeds lets you buy products of different categories such as medicines, orthopedic care, hospital equipment, mother and baby care, medical gadgets, protein supplements, and more. 

The service is operational across 600 pin codes including places like Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kolkata, Patna, and other regions. You can upload your prescription and get the medicine delivered at your door step. 


One of India’s top online pharmacy and health care platform PharmEasy enables you to purchase from 1 lakh plus healthcare products, OTC products, and medical equipment. It delivers medicines across 1000 plus cities and towns covering 22,000 plus pin codes in the country. 

PharmEasy is a one-stop platform where you can also book diagnostic tests including blood tests, full body checkups, and other preventive health checkups at affordable costs, right from the comfort of your home. 

Lucrative offers on its platform allow you to make payment online via various payment wallets at a discounted price. This app will help you with medication adherence via refilling your medicines every month. 


Online medicine apps have proved to be a blessing for India. This business is receiving a good profit margin even after offering discounts to consumers. There is a continuous growth in the ePharmacy market in the last five years and it will continue for the forecast year 2023. It covers top manufactures, product scope, market opportunities, market risks, distributors, traders, dealers, etc. Having an online medicine ordering app is the secret of success for any pharmacy.