It’s been over a month that most of us are locked in our homes due to COVID-19 pandemic and all we could see is four walls of our home, you might even think of improving them too. During this trying time, people are utilizing their time to redecorate their homes, do some DIYs, and give everything a deep clean which we were unable to do due to our busy lives. So, there’s never been a good opportunity or time for those interior or exterior jobs that you wanted to do for so long. Beginning any DIY or project is easy but completing it could give you a real sense of achievement which is positive in these hard and strange times. It will keep you engaged and active. 

So let’s start with 5 easy and helpful DIYs:

How to make a scarf/bandana style face mask: 

In this hard time what you most need is a mask to protect yourself and your loved ones. So, here I am bringing you the easiest way to make your mask with all the things available at your home.

What you will need:

  • A bandana/scarf
  • 2 X elastic/rubber bands or hair ties
  • Paper towel/ Tissue paper(Optional)

The easiest method to make your face mask involves a bandana or a scarf. 100 percent cotton and a tightly woven bandana or scarf should be used while making a mask because if your bandana/scarf is too thin then it won’t be effective. To see how thin it is hold it up to the light to see the transparency, the less you can see, the better it will be.

Fold your bandana/scarf in half, and then fold it again twice – lengthways from the top and the bottom. At this point, you can add a square piece of paper towel or tissue paper to your mask – which you can change.

Then place your rubber bands/hair ties around your strip of material, and fold it towards the middle, tucking the ends into each other. And it’s done; your face mask is ready!

How to make a planter basket:

DIY-ing your own planter with basket is the coolest and easiest way to pot your plant and is in the trend as well.

What you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Brown tape
  • Cotton rope – Approx 6 mm
  • Glue Gun/Any glue which is available at your home
  • Off white yarn/Any decoration items available

For making the planter you can use plastic containers (Like oil can or dish was container). Cut the container from the middle so you can plant the young trees or seeds into the lower part of it.

For making a rope basket, you will need cardboard the same as the size of the planter so you can wrap around the planter. But it should be slightly bigger in height. Draw straight equal lines on cardboard for that perfect round shape. Cut the extra part of cardboard from the upper side the same in the size of equal lines you made fold it inside and tape it. After that bring both the ends of the cardboard together and tape it inside.

Take another piece of cardboard and cut them into two circular shapes. Stick them with a glue gun on the upper open part of the basket and lower part. There you go! Your basket is ready. Now, with the help of glue gun stick the rope same in the shape of your basket. The rope basket is ready!

You can decorate your rope basket with whatever decorative items available at your home like with the help of yarn you can make a tassel or anything you like.

How to make a wall art:

What you will need:

  • MDF sheets/Cardboard (10 mm, 6.5” * 18”)
  • Pencil
  • Paper cutter/Scissor
  • Thin chart paper
  • Colors
  • Glue
  • Tracing paper

First, take the MDF board/Cardboard of the size mentioned above or you can take the size of your choice, you want to make the wall art of. Paint it with dark brown (any color you like) oil or acrylic color. Let it dry for a while.

You can download the image of your choice and print it or you can draw it on paper. For example, if you are making wall art for the kitchen then you can draw kitchen tools like spoon, fork, and mug. After drawing the design place the tracing paper on the design paper and trace it. 

With the help of scissors cut the chart paper the same as that of design and place it beneath the tracing paper to trace. After it is completed cut the chart paper and stick it on MDF board/Cardboard.

Waste glass bottle decoration: 

What you will need:

  • Glass/Plastic bottle
  • Clay
  • Sponge
  • White masking tape
  • Acrylic colors
  • Brush

First, take the clay and male small bean-sized balls from it. If there are many numbers of clay then mix all of them so you can make the same colored balls. Stick the balls on the bottle except for the neck area and let it dry for a day or so. 

After the drying gets done, with the help of sponge color (White/of your choice) the bottle using acrylics. Wrap the white masking tape in the middle part of the bottle in a zig-zag manner.

In the lower part of masking tape paint the bottle with golden color. Texture it with a sponge. Do this process twice. After it is fully dry remove the masking tape carefully. And it’s done your bottle is ready.

Hope you find it helpful!